TikTokers Band Together To Support Wholesome Streamer With Cerebral Palsy

 TikTokers Band Together To Support Wholesome Streamer With Cerebral Palsy

Social media users have come together to support a cerebral palsy gamer and streamer.

On Twitch, Julius is known as “thefallenancienthunter,” and another user who was visiting the platform and looking for users without followers came across him.

Cole greeted Julius a “Happy Thanksgiving” and chatted with his new online acquaintance for a while. Cole then uploaded a video of the meeting to TikTok.

“So I was randomly scrolling through Twitch streamers with no viewers,” Cole Caetano said. “And I found this sweet man with cerebral palsy who was talking and streaming to nobody.”

Twitch makes cerebral palsy streamer with 0 viewers blow up on Thanksgiving

Credit: TikTok / @karvetv

Julius has gained a huge number of new Twitter and Twitch followers since he posted the video on Friday. If Twitch is new to you, it is an online streaming site that emphasizes live video game streaming. According to the most recent statistics, 140 million people utilize Twitch each month.

He needed to take a day off from streaming since he received so much love and encouragement from random people.

“Everyone I’m gonna take today off just rest the week been alot for me… I will be back on tomorrow at 3pm. Have a great Friday everyone,” he wrote in a Tweet on Friday.

Jack Grealish and Hollie share a close bond. Credit: Instagram

“My little sister has cerebral palsy, so she, you know, she’s like my best friend. I speak to her all the time. On the Sunday he’d just drive me then to wherever it was, wherever I was playing. And not everyone’s parents did that and he’s so proud of me – and he ain’t, like, shy of saying it, he’s always tells me and stuff how proud he is of me.”

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