This Is The Story Of Leo’s Last Day

 This Is The Story Of Leo’s Last Day

A trucker living in Canada adopted Leo 18 years ago…

Leo became befriended the other cat Theo that the trucker had. But at 18 years old, Leo was tired. He wasn’t able to groom anymore. His cat friend Theo was always on his side helping him. He was getting sick and couldn’t hear anymore.


They all know that the end is close… And they spent their last night together. The next day, at the vet’s clinic the cat died peacefully in the owner’s arms. The trucker said he wanted Theo to see his old friend before burying him. Theo understood what was happened, he stood for a long time saying goodbye to his old friend last time.


For the next few days, Theo kept looking for his friend smelling and tasting Leo’s hair left behind.

Theo was a long-distance truck driver’s co-pilot. While on vacation at home, Theo went missing and the owner hasn’t seen him since then. Supposedly he went searching for his friend.


Watch the video of the story below




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