This is How a Simple Bouquet Nearly Ruined a Wedding

 This is How a Simple Bouquet Nearly Ruined a Wedding

What do you think of the flowers in the photo? Are they pretty? Actually, it is a fringed thistle, a plant with a caustic sap that causes allergies and even burns upon contact with human skin.

Nor did Christine Miller of Lincoln, USA, realize the dangerous properties of the thistle. She married with a bouquet of these poisonous flowers – the wedding went wrong and was almost completely ruined.

Things happened like this: the young couple bought a big, beautiful house on the eve of their wedding. And there wasn’t much money left. The lovers decided not to make a show and play a modest wedding. For the wedding ceremony, the young people decided to use flowers from their own garden. There were a lot of them, so the creative girl spent the whole evening making the bouquet and decorating the festive arch and other decorative attributes of the hall for the guests.

But before long, Christine did not feel well. Her face was swollen, she had a runny nose, and her eyes were watery. The doctor couldn’t help her because it was her day off, so the bride had to make do with eye compresses.

Allergic reaction to milk thistle fringed Christine was quite strong: in the morning the bride did not look exactly as she had dreamed. But the wedding was not canceled. The bride kept pressing a handkerchief to her face, and then she went to the hospital.

At the medical facility, she was given an injection of an antihistamine drug, and the couple was even able to dance their first dance and be at their own wedding banquet. They took the situation with humor and didn’t get too upset. They reshot the ruined photos a week later with a new, non-poisonous bouquet.

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