Their Whole Life Was Ruined By Just One Online Post

 Their Whole Life Was Ruined By Just One Online Post

This story happened to a young family from Great Britain: a couple decided to change their place of residence. They found a new apartment that was closer to the husband’s work, and all they had to do was move their things in order to enjoy their new life.

The family wanted to make the move quickly and easily, since they had a small child. There was no way they could carry boxes of belongings by themselves. So the couple decided to look for a moving company through Facebook.
So, the couple wrote on Facebook that they were looking for experienced movers. The movers responded almost immediately. The company owner’s name was Lee Green, and their Facebook page looked professional, as did the website.

The couple placed the order after talking to Lee Green on the phone. On moving day, the workers arrived, packed everything up very quickly, loaded the furniture and boxes into the truck and drove away. They said that they value every minute of time, because there are a lot of orders. But an hour later, the movers did not show up at the specified address.

After some clarification the spouses found that they had been cheated and robbed.
That’s how it happened that the Facebook post caused these people to lose everything they had. The couple was left with no furniture, no clothes, not even their wedding rings.

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