The Zoo grieved the death of a dog who assisted in the nurturing of cheetah cubs.

 The Zoo grieved the death of a dog who assisted in the nurturing of cheetah cubs.

Some animals have the ability to make an indelible mark on any organization. They will be sorely missed once they have left. A dog at a Columbian zoo was one of these animals. Coby, a yellow Labrador, was his name. He assisted with the calming of cheetah babies and other zoo animals. The sad news is that the dog died, and according to the Columbus Zoo, the dog made everyone feel special. No one will ever be able to match his legacy.

The zoo confirmed the death of its cheetah ambassador dog, Coby, on Facebook with a broken heart. Coby, an 8-year-old Labrador dog, was killed. When his health began to deteriorate and he began to exhibit serious neurological indications that might lead to persistent arthritis and subsequent neck compression, he was killed. As a result, it was evident that he couldn’t live without suffering.

The zoo gushed over the dog, praising him as “playful” and “quiet.” They went on to say that the dog enjoyed socializing with both animals and people. When he arrived at the zoo, he was merely a puppy. He began his impressive career there with the cheetahs Bibi and Zemba. He also acted as a mentor for two other canines who were assigned similar responsibilities.

Puppies are sometimes used as comforters for cheetah babies in zoos when they have been removed from their siblings or have been born without siblings. When pups and cubs mingle and exercise together, they both benefit. As they dwell with the pups, the cubs, who were first hesitant, grow more active and adventurous.

When the cubs are reared with the pups, they gain confidence. They are no longer best friends as they have grown older, but they remain pleasant pals. Coby not only comforted cheetahs, but also assisted in the socialization of other newborn animals such as warthogs. He even assists the animals in their post-surgery recovery. Coby was a true jewel for the zoo. He’d be sorely missed in that place. May his spirit find eternal rest.

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