The new population of polar bears found in Greenland

 The new population of polar bears found in Greenland

In the southeast of Greenland, on the shore of the Danish Strait, scientists have found a new population of polar bears, reports Euronews. Genetic studies have shown that there is a completely separate group living there, very rarely in contact with others.


Newly documented polar bear population lives in a surprising place |  International |

The main feature of the southeastern bears is that they have adapted to hunting freshwater ice: they are fragments of Greenland glaciers sliding into the sea. Thus, they are not affected by the melting of sea ice and are, in theory, better protected from the effects of global warming.

Isolated population of polar bears in Greenland has made a clever  adaptation to climate change – The Yucatan Times

Strong genetic differences indicate that this population has been isolated at least a few centuries ago. Modern bears simply do not have time to adapt: according to some scientists, Arctic predators may disappear by the end of the century.

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