The lonely dog and the rat became closest friends

 The lonely dog and the rat became closest friends

Here’s Osiris, the German Shepherd, and Riff, the little rat. They are beautiful and inseparable buddies.

When he was only 4 weeks old, the rat was rescued from death.

Osiris, on the other hand, was a rescued dog that assisted Riff in regaining his health.

The dog was supposed to stay at the house for a few days, but the members of the family fell in love with him and chose to keep him. Despite their differences in size, the dog was warmly welcomed by a little mouse.

The incredible couple is now inseparable. They stay together the entire time. Their love and loyalty are admirable. In fact, the family was concerned that the animals might be unable to communicate with one another, but they are really close.

Riff is even allowed to brush his teeth by Osiris.

This relationship is just amazing.

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