The Last Journey Of An Abandoned Paralyzed Dog

 The Last Journey Of An Abandoned Paralyzed Dog

The German Shepherd once had a family to which he thought he belonged until he was old and paralyzed, and they disposed of him like throwing away trash. After they left, the older dog was abandoned in their old house with a broken heart and countless health problems. So when Gianna Serena Manfredi and other volunteers from the Qua La Zampa Association found him near Bitonto, Bari, Italy, they named the poor dog “Heart.”

The true warrior managed to move around on his own having problems with the spine, two hind legs, and ears.

Gianna and some other women had formed a group named “The Remote Mothers” to take care of the unfortunate dog, and Heart was so happy he met so kind people in the last days of his life. However, it didn’t last long. Gianna decided to accompany him on the last trip of his life to the sea. And it was absolutely fantastic.

“And we went to the sea, it was beautiful. The wind caressed my ears, the waves beat against the rocks, the sound of the sea in the silence of the still winter,” Gianna wrote. “It was a real relaxation I almost fell asleep forgetting all the pain of abandonment of those who loved me little, the pain of the sores that are starting to be felt, the pain of not being able to run with that puppy chasing his stone.”

Soon after, the heart passed away peacefully, knowing that he was loved. It was sad, but at least he went to a better world where he would never be ignored again.

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