The Dog Taught His Little Brother How To Swim

 The Dog Taught His Little Brother How To Swim

Many dogs just love to swim. But there are also those who are afraid of water and do not trust it. A puppy named Jeffrey was afraid to swim, but his older brother helped him overcome his fear!

“Jeffrey was a little hesitant at first to get his paws wet,” the dog’s mom, Elysse Gorney, told The Dodo. “But he saw Kevin charge right into the water with so much confidence that I think Jeffrey really noticed this. The next thing I know, Jeffrey is swimming right next to Kevin going after a tennis ball. It was awesome to watch.”

Two golden retrievers wear bunny ears

Two golden retrievers looking at the camera

When the dogs went to the ocean with their owners, Jeffrey just strolled along the shore, afraid to go into the water. When the other dogs splashed in the water, the pup was very afraid.
Then older brother Kevin showed Jeffrey that there was nothing to be afraid of in the water, and he believed the adult dog.

“He has been such a great big brother to Jeffrey,” Gorney said. “I think that Jeffrey is learning a lot from Kevin.”

The puppy quickly got into his taste and started bathing happily!

Watch the video of these cute brothers swimming in the ocean below!

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