The dog stood in the way of the ambulance and refused to move until the nurse addressed her.

 The dog stood in the way of the ambulance and refused to move until the nurse addressed her.

A man’s faithful buddy is his dog. They will not desert you in times of trouble or illness, and they will never betray you. The dog is willing to put his life on the line to save his master. A nurse who works in an ambulance shared this astonishing story. The ambulance was on its way back from a call. The motorist abruptly slowed down. On the side of the road, there was a friendly dog. She didn’t seem afraid of the automobile, and she appeared to be waiting there for it. The driver screamed, but the obstinate critter seemed unconcerned.

One of the nurses came out and asked if the dog could be moved out of the way. The astute creature got up and strolled to the side of the road, but did not run. The dog returned to her spot as soon as the man returned to the car. People were taken aback, so the same nurse decided to approach the dog. She didn’t get away, but she also didn’t allow him in. She simply moved slowly to the bushes, gazing back as though certain that someone was approaching from behind.

The nurse summoned his coworkers. When they arrived, they saw an elderly man passed out among the woods. He was transported to the hospital in a vehicle. It turns out, he had a stroke. The man was strolling with the dog when he suddenly felt faint and collapsed. They would not have been able to save the guy if it hadn’t been for the dog who stopped the automobile.

Throughout the process, the devoted dog remained near the hospital. The medical team was ecstatic with the dog’s devotion. He was fed, calmed, and patted. The physicians allowed her to visit the master when the guy was moved from intensive care to a regular department.

Everyone was overjoyed. The dog sang and flattered, the owner sobbed and held his faithful companion, and even the medical staff was moved to tears. Since then, the man’s health has improved significantly. He frequently went to the window to gaze out and spoke with his adoring companion.

Such loyalty and devotion were priceless and impacted everyone!

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