The dog found his owner in airport. This was a touching story.

 The dog found his owner in airport. This was a touching story.

Olivia Sievers, a flight attendant from Germany, is a sweetheart who adores pets. Her flights frequently took her to Buenos Aires, where she had to spend two days in a hotel.

Olivia was walking to her hotel one wonderful day when she noticed a stray puppy in front of the hotel entrance. She gave this dog some food since she was paying attention to him.

The dog seemed to be in love with the kind woman, and he proceeded to wait for her in front of the hotel since that day. Rubio was Olivia’s nickname for him. Rubio’s tail wagged happily as soon as he spotted her, and he lay on his side, waiting for Olivia to rub his tummy.

Olivia avoided meeting the dog because he was always following her. Rubio followed Olivia wherever she went or waited for her outside the hotel. He was in desperate need of the attention he had previously gotten. Even animals require love and affection.

Olivia continued to feed the dog after realizing she couldn’t avoid meeting him. She covered him with a blanket when he was freezing.  She was required to fly to BA once every three months. The hotel staff told her that throughout those months, the dog came to the hotel every day hoping to meet her. Then he carefully awaited Olivia’s arrival.

Olivia phoned the local animal shelter and requested that Rubio be taken in. They agreed, but it didn’t work: Rubio made his way back to the hotel from the refuge. She eventually decided to adopt him and took him to Germany, where he began a new and beautiful life. The delighted dog rapidly adjusted to his new life, which was full of adventures and games. He spent his time running in the garden with his adored owner’s other dog. They were escorted to the nearby lake on occasion, where Rubio enjoyed seeing the fish in the water.

Olivia adopted Rubio in 2016, bringing his life from the streets to a great home where he enjoys the sunshine, the backyard, and the sweet house. As a result,  kind eyes eternally linked two kind hearts.



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