The Children Found Two Hedgehogs In Rainstorm

 The Children Found Two Hedgehogs In Rainstorm

In Novorossiysk, passersby noticed children who had gathered around the gutter. As it turned out, two hedgehogs were trapped and couldn’t get out on their own.

"Есть на свете отзывчивые люди!": двое новороссийцев спасли семью ежей из ливневки

In Novorossiysk, children found two hedgehogs in a storm drain. The animals were trapped there without food and water and could not get out on their own. Two boys passing by rescued the hedgehog and her cub, pulling them out of the trap to the excited cries of the children. The tools of rescue were a cap and a wooden stick.

Бешеный еж покусал жителя Лепеля прямо у него дома - 09.06.2019, Sputnik Беларусь


After the rescue, the “prickly” family moved to a safe place away from the storm drain.

Ученые порекомендовали держаться от ежиков подальше - МК

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