She Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins But Was Surprised When She Went For A Check Up

 She Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins But Was Surprised When She Went For A Check Up

Usually, a family decides to have two or three for complete marital happiness. Alexandra Kinova, 23, was happy when she found out she was pregnant for the second time. She and her husband Antonin live in the Czech town of Milovica, near Prague, and are raising a son. The couple’s joy at having a new addition to the family only increased when they were told at a routine ultrasound that Alexandra was carrying two children. The couple was not averse to raising three little ones. However, Alexandra soon needed another ultrasound, during which the doctor told them news they were not prepared for.

The doctor showed the girl the results of the ultrasound and told her that she was actually expecting triplets. After further tests, the doctor concluded that Alexandra’s belly was developing four fetuses. However, the belly of the future mother of many children did not stop growing. The last ultrasound showed that Alexandra was carrying 5 children!

Czech doctors had never seen anything like that in their practice. This was the first case of the natural conception of five twins in the Czech Republic. Four boys and one girl were born by cesarean section. All children were born healthy and strong. This is a real miracle and luck, considering the fact that the chance of conceiving five twins is one in 47 million. And the odds of all five surviving pregnancy and childbirth are even lower.

Everything went well, except for one incident.
Daddy Antonin almost missed the historic birth of his five babies after his train was delayed. Fortunately, he still managed to get to the hospital in time.

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