She Realized That She Was Too Bored Without Dumbbells And Hard Trainings

 She Realized That She Was Too Bored Without Dumbbells And Hard Trainings

Natalia Kuznetsova is known for her forms and unprecedented musculature, completely untypical of women. All this is created by hard work. She has been in the gym since she was 14 years old. But recently, the European champion on the bench press and deadlift left the sport and decided to end her career. For a year and a half, she was enjoying idleness, but then she realized that she was unbearably bored without dumbbells and other weights.

Как выглядит девушка-бодибилдер Наталия Кузнецова? Минусы больших мышц -  Чемпионат

Natalya is 26 years old. She firmly believes that developed muscles do not make a woman “different”. Otherwise, fans would not come up for autographs, and there would be none at all. But they are there and it’s not because she has several world records in strength sports.
Natalya returned to sports because of two things. First, it is boring without any effort and struggle. Secondly, with her experience, she could become a successful coach, she’d have plenty of fame and students. She is the one who knows how to unlock a person’s potential.

Чемпионка мира по бодибилдингу Наталья Кузнецова не обижается, что у ее  мужа бицепс меньше: «главное — любовь и поддержка» (The Daily Mail,  Великобритания) | 07.10.2022, ИноСМИ

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Наталия Кузнецова: амазонка, бодибилдер - KP.RU
When everything began, Natasha, a teenager, weighed 40 kilograms and had a subtle body type. Now she is 90 kilograms of pure, trained muscles. Her wish to stop being simply dystrophic turned into a craving for weight and strength.
Kuznetsova’s account has almost 200 thousand followers and she skillfully ignores critics and detractors. Natasha also mastered proper cooking and uses protein-based seasonings instead of sauces, mayonnaises, and kinds of ketchup.

Стало известно, как выглядит муж сильнейшей женщины мира по прозвищу  «русская амазонка» Наталии Кузнецовой

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