Rescued dog came back to his saviour.

 Rescued dog came back to his saviour.

The family of US Army Sgt. Jacob Fisher had an amazing meeting with a puppy he saved while serving in Afghanistan in Los Angeles.

After Fisher came home, the Marine was able to reach an agreement with the leadership, and his four-legged comrade was flown to the United States by military aircraft. Sergeant Fisher was stationed at the American military post, on duty.

When his colleagues notified him that someone had been captured in a trap, he was just returning from his station after a short break. To keep wild animals at bay, traps were placed around the perimeter of the base.

Jacob went to see who had fallen into the trap and saw a little dog!

He was released from the trap by the sergeant, who took care of him.                                                                                                           Jax was the name given to the puppy. He was exhausted, hungry, and shivering in the cold.  Fisher recognized he had become devoted to the puppy as Jax got stronger.

And the dog did not want to be separated from men. However, the sergeant was given permission to leave the puppy at the base. Jax was living in Fisher’s place. The dog created a coziest atmosphere. Unfortunately, the sergeant have to leave soon.

He travelled from Afghanistan to U.S, where his family members were waiting for him. Fisher could not take the puppy with him. But he was hopping to see the dog in L.A. That fortunately happened.


Both of them were nervous, but happy at the time.  ”

Now we have a real family! Dad, mom, me and the dog!” Kayden told reporters.


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