Missing Dog Miraculously Survived In A Sea Cave For 3 Months

 Missing Dog Miraculously Survived In A Sea Cave For 3 Months

When a family in Canada lost their dog Stella on a nature trail three months ago, they had lost all hope of ever seeing their furry friend again. Stella accidentally got lost during a hiking trip with her parents on the Juan de Fuca Trail, British Columbia, Canada. Her family struggled to track down the dog, but their luck didn’t smile.

All changed when a pair of surfers on Vancouver Island discovered a very scared dog hiding in a cave. They were astonished,  but they still decided to save the dog fast even though they were trying to beat an upcoming storm. The dog was too scared to accept their help, but they did their best. According to them, it was a difficult process. Stella had been missing for quite some time, and it was amazing how she could live alone in such circumstances.

Once they managed to get Stella on their aluminum boat, they wrapped the survivor in their surfboard bag to keep her warm and quickly rushed to the shore. The pair began their search for the owner.

Stella was reunited with her owners. They were amazed to see their pet again. They thought they’d lost their dog forever when they became separated on the wild Juan de Fuca Trail three months ago.


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