Million Dollars Are Promised For The Head of This Girl

 Million Dollars Are Promised For The Head of This Girl

Not long ago the news spread around the world that ISIS fighters had set a reward of one million dollars for the murder of Joanna Palani, a Danish woman of Kurdish origin. What did this attractive girl, fragile and defenseless in appearance, do?

Johanna Palani is not yet 25 years old, but she has already managed to kill over a hundred ISIS fighters. The girl is of Kurdish descent: she was born during the Gulf War in a refugee camp in Iraq. When she was two, her family left. But already at the age of ten, the girl knew how to use a weapon.

For a time, Joanna lived in Europe. But the girl dropped out of a prestigious school in Denmark to fight against terrorists. She served on the side of the Peshmerga, a Kurdish paramilitary force: she helped free hostages and Yazidi women kidnapped and imprisoned as sex slaves, and she trained recruits. Joanna’s specialty was a sniper. Palani herself said that at times she could stay in position for nine days without a break.

During one of her visits to Denmark, Joanna came to the attention of the local authorities. She was forbidden to leave the country and take part in military operations. But the girl violated the ban, for which she was later sent to prison and lost her passport. However, the sniper was later released.

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