Migrant Boy Became a Real Hero of France in Just 40 Seconds

 Migrant Boy Became a Real Hero of France in Just 40 Seconds

Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old from Mali, became a national hero in 40 seconds. He had performed a heroic act. When a 4-year-old toddler hung over the sidewalk, the athletic young man instantly climbed the balconies and saved him. The amazing story of simple heroism and dedication stirred up society.

This is Mamoudou Gassama, a migrant from the African country of Mali, who came to France looking for a better life. The guy has no documents, no profession, no job, no housing, and no plans for the future, only dreams. But he has a good heart and good muscles.

According to the kid’s father, he was out shopping. The door to the balcony was locked – no one now knows how the child opened it and ended up on the other side of the railing. But the crowd saw what happened next.
On the fourth floor and almost 12 meters high, Mamoudou made it across the balconies without any safety rope and in about 40 seconds. No one knows how long the child would have lasted.

Spiderman' granted French citizenship after rescuing child from Paris  balcony | CNN

The scene was caught on video, which instantly went viral, and the whole of Paris, and then France, learned about the migrant’s deed.
And only after the video was published did they start to figure out who this hero was. Then they found out that Mamoudou Gassama, unlike other migrants, arrived in the country not long ago, but because of problems with documents, he cannot get registered.

Paris balcony boy family thank Mali 'Spiderman' Mamoudou Gassama - BBC News
His fate changed overnight – first the Parisian authorities expressed their desire to help the young man, and then he was invited to a meeting with President Macron!
Mamoudou Gossama has received the “Courage and Bravery” award, will be quickly granted citizenship, and offered employment. He will probably become a fireman or a lifeguard.

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