Meet Richie, a unique Maine Coon that looks like lemur due to his additional <>.

 Meet Richie, a unique Maine Coon that looks like lemur due to his additional .

Because of his distinct coloring, Richie the cat became instantly identifiable. As a result, it seems like he is wearing a white fur coat over his black fur coat.

On the internet, the pet has been nicknamed a lemur or a yeti cat. Richie was born in November 2020 and rapidly became famous after his owner set up a social media account for him.

“We tracked out a local French breeder known for his Maine Coons. We ordered a cat from him and had to pick a color at the time of birth. We chose black smoke, unaware that Richie would develop such a distinctive tint. Richie’s breeder observed right away at birth that he would be exceptionally fluffy. “We had to wait four months before we could take our baby home,” the owner of an unusual cat explained.

Richie is also highly friendly and enjoys playing with other cats, according to the animal’s owner. When it comes to cooking, the Maine Coon sits next to the proprietors and keeps a close eye on them. “To minimize knots on his coat, Richie has a regular morning practice of grooming him fully. “We clean his eyes, nose, nails, and ears once a week,” the owner stated of cat maintenance.

Richie’s social media following has surpassed 100,000, indicating that he’s on his way to becoming a real feline influencer: “We work with a few businesses that Richie has tried and loved.” It’s always a joy to present new toys and cat accessories to our readers. “We strive to provide what Richie enjoys,” the pleased proprietor said.

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