Man Had His Gender Reassigned in Order to Achieve Mutual Love

 Man Had His Gender Reassigned in Order to Achieve Mutual Love

Erin Anderson of Kentucky is 22 years old. And looking at these pictures, it’s hard to imagine that Erin was once a man and went by the name Aaron. For years, Aaron felt out of place in his body and dreamed of a sex change. It was love that pushed him to change his life.

At the age of 18, Aaron made an acquaintance through Facebook with a man named Jared Norris, but he rejected the boy’s feelings. However, their love story didn’t end there.
Aaron decided to finally become a woman and thereby won Jared’s heart. He fell in love with the now Erin and their relationship is two years old.

According to Erin, she realized she was a woman in a man’s body as early as age three, and that’s when she started wearing her grandmother’s heeled shoes. When she decided to have a sex change, she had to take hormone replacement therapy and undergo breast surgery. It was then that Jared noticed her and began to like pictures of her.

The young people met in real life, and Erin’s love became mutual. For two years now, the couple has been together, both are very happy with their relationship. Erin continues to take therapy and dreams of another surgery that will make her look even closer to a woman.
Jared understands how important self-identification is to Erin and respects her determination. However, to complete Erin-Aaron’s transformation into a woman, the couple does not yet have enough money.
Erin has not had Jared’s first boyfriend during her time as a woman. Before Jared, she had another affair, but her boyfriend ran away for fear of public condemnation. Jared also added that there are quite a few people who hate their couple and have even threatened to kill them.

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