Man 110 cm Tall Got Married And Became Father

 Man 110 cm Tall Got Married And Became Father

James Lusted, from Britain, is only 110 centimeters tall. Do you think that makes him uncomfortable? Not at all! Even as a child, when James realized that he was different from other children, the boy acted very wisely – he decided to turn his peculiarity into a “highlight”, which others do not have.

The cheerful and confident young man managed to succeed in life. James always had many friends, and thanks to his cheerful character people always reached out to him. By the age of 33, James had achieved a lot in his life. He became a successful in-demand actor and presenter at the BBC.

So the first time he saw the beautiful Chloe, the man did not even doubt that he would be able to achieve her reciprocity. James invited her to dinner, and she agreed, succumbing to his charm. At the cafe, the waiter at first mistook James for Chloe’s child because of the difference in height, and only later realized that he was mistaken. However, the funny incident did not upset James at all, he turned everything into a joke, which he and Chloe laughed about for a long time. The man managed to impress her so much that from that day on they started dating.

Today, James and Chloe are a happily married couple, who are raising a beautiful daughter, Olivia. The girl is only two years old, but she has almost caught up with her daddy. By the way, Olivia just loves to portray her favorite fairy tale characters. James is sure that his daughter will become a great actress, and from time to time he even takes her with him on the set.

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