Indonesian officials have rescued the world’s rarest rabbit after a farmer posted it on Facebook

 Indonesian officials have rescued the world’s rarest rabbit after a farmer posted it on Facebook

The Sumatran striped rabbit is one of the world’s most endangered animals. It was recently rescued in Indonesia as a result of a Facebook post that grabbed strangers’ notice. A local farmer caught the rabbit under mysterious circumstances and put it up for sale.

The farmer responded with a Facebook post, which drew the attention of environmentalists to the animal. A guy is said to have seen the animal along the river on the borders of the national park. The farmer decided to take him in since he had a little injury on the side. Then you may sell it. Fauna and Flora, a conservation group, noticed the ad and promptly tracked down the farmer. They took the rabbit and determined to restore it to its original home, from which it had clearly sprung.

The rabbit was released into the largest national park on Sumatra’s island, Kerinci Seblat.

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Animal rights advocates are ecstatic that they were able to assist in the release of such an endangered species. Deborah Martyr, a biologist who specializes in flora and fauna, is convinced that this unexpected discovery is of immense scientific relevance. This suggests that the rabbits are still causing havoc in Sumatra. However, the exact number is unknown.

What distinguishes the striped Sumatran rabbit from others? To begin with, their secrecy and refusal to communicate with others. Only a few of museum specimens in the Netherlands provide information about its appearance.

Second, the Sumatran rabbit was first photographed in 1997, which was only a few years ago.

This is a nighttime shot of an animal with orange flashes in its eyes and distinctive stripes on its body. The Sumatran rabbit is an endangered species. The greatest serious threat to the Sumatran striped rabbit’s existence is habitat loss due to deforestation.

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