In the midst of storm evacuation, a kind 15-year-old girl saves orphaned squirrels.

 In the midst of storm evacuation, a kind 15-year-old girl saves orphaned squirrels.

Bailee Villavaso, 15, and her family hail from New Orleans. They were compelled to flee as the cyclone hit.

But, first, Bailee took the opportunity to assist a few little animals whose lives had been flipped upside down by a tremendous storm.

The girl discovered a nest on the ground that had been pulled from the tree by the wind. She peered inside and discovered three baby squirrels, but their mother was nowhere to be seen.

The girl didn’t want to abandon them, so she dashed home to fetch a box and a towel.

“I put the squirrels in the linen box after drying them with a towel. “They were sluggish and snuggled together to be warm,” the girl recalls.

Bailee sought guidance from a veterinarian cousin because she was concerned about their health. He advised her to get powdered milk for the puppies as well as a little feeding bottle.

The young lady started feeding the squirrels twice a day. They grew more lively right once, and within a day or two, they were running and climbing on their rescuer.

As a result, the young lady became the foster mother of three squirrels.

After the popular cartoon chipmunks, she called them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. When the family was forced to flee, the rescued animals joined the rest of the family. Bailee still lives with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore at the house where the family relocated.

And, while the girl enjoys caring for them, she recognizes that this is something that should be done by individuals who have been properly taught.

She attempted to place them in a rehabilitation center before the hurricane. She was unable to do so since the facility was overcrowded with other animals. Thus, she decided to multiple rehabilitation centers in future.

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