Identical Twins Got Married To Identical Twins

 Identical Twins Got Married To Identical Twins

The American state of Ohio has a town called Twinsberg, which regularly hosts a large-scale twin festival. At one of these festivals, twins Brianna and Brittany met twins Josh and Jeremy. Over time, the guys realized that they wanted to bond with each other. As it turned out later, the girls dreamed of marrying twins, and the guys, in turn, planned to have their lives tied up with the twin girls.

“When we stopped to talk, there was an immediate connection,” Josh, now 38, says. “I was attracted to Briana and Josh was attracted to Brittany. We exchanged phone numbers with each other and started to talk regularly via phone and social media.” Josh and Jeremy made trips from their home in Tennessee to visit the sisters near Twin Lakes State Park, Virginia. “Both of us always knew that we wanted to marry twins,” Jeremy says. “We’d decided that if we couldn’t find twins to marry, then we just wouldn’t get married.” The Deanes felt the same way. “Ever since we were little girls, we’d always dreamed of marrying identical twin brothers,” Briana said.

“We each got down on our knees [to propose],” Josh said. “It couldn’t have been more romantic,” said Briana. “The date that they proposed to us was perfect,” Brittany added. “You can’t do better than 02-02 to represent a double proposal and a double marriage.” The Deanes and Salyerses returned to the Twins Days festival to get married—wearing identical outfits, of course.

“We do everything together, so it just made sense that we would all live together,” Jeremy said. “We have the fortune of combining resources in an environment that allows everyone time to work, explore creative projects and time to parent,” Briana added.
In one day, the brothers proposed to their lovers, and on the same day the couple got married. And the ceremony was also performed by twins.
Brianna, Brittany, Josh and Jeremy plan to live under the same roof and are going to have twin babies. The family dreams of having twin babies who will have two mommies and daddies at once!

“Each of us gets to spend time with the children, one’s own spouse, one’s own twin and with the group as a whole.”

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