Husky saved the little kittens in a box thrown in the forest

 Husky saved the little kittens in a box thrown in the forest

Whitney Bralee, a 30-year-old mother of 3 can not walk, so not only her family helps her but also her dog- a husky named Banner. Recently dog began to behave strangely. Whitney immediately perceived the fact that the dog was trying to tell her something. Banny grabbed Whitney’s clothes and pulled her out of the house.

Following the dog, she reached the forest and there suddenly she saw a cardboard box among the trees. The husky crept into the box and brought out a small, wet kitteն, and not just one․ There were seven of them.

The foundlings were brought home, warmed, and fed. The caring dog suddenly turned into a nanny. She lies for hours next to the kitten to make sure everything is fine with them.

“It was amazing because my dog listened to me”, the woman says. “And then she got out of control and instead of executing commands dragged me in an incomprehensible direction. I was scared because they didn’t make a sound and were very cold. I thought they were already dead, but luckily they were all alive! And I don’t even know how Banner found out about this box”


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