Horse came to say goodbye to his owner. Everyone was emotional in this moment.

 Horse came to say goodbye to his owner. Everyone was emotional in this moment.

Sheila Marsh worked at Haydock Park Racecourse when she was 21. Horses have always been essential in Sheila’s life, particularly Bronwen, whom she has cared for, trained, and loved since she was a youngster. These relations last about 20 years.  Marsh, who is now 77 years old, was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. She only had one request on her deathbed: to see her favorite horse Bronwen once more.

Sheila’s condition was getting worse and worse, and her daughter Tina Marsh seek assistance from the medical personnel in Wigan, England, where she was being treated. The experts quickly reacted, stating that they would assist the dying woman in achieving her final desire.  They carried Sheila’s wheelchair to the parking area, where the former caregiver was greeted by all of her beloved horses.

Sheila was overjoyed when Bronwen approached her.

Bronwen put her nose in her cheek as she spoke the horse’s name with the last of her power.

“On her final day, Mom had a terrible time communicating, but she addressed Bronwen by name and begged to kiss her,” Tina says.
Bronwen moved in close and kissed Sheila on the cheek.
Tina couldn’t stop crying when she saw this lovely photograph.
“I cried, and all the nurses cried as well. It was such a lovely moment when she found relief! Bronwen had a particular place in her heart. Since Bronwen was seven years old, she has cared for her for the last 18 or 19 years. It had a profound impact on all of us.”

It’s incredible how powerful sentiments can grow between living beings, including humans and horses. And it appears that we live for people with whom we share our hearts, and this spiritual closeness has no limitations. Sheila apparently couldn’t go without saying her goodbyes.


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