Henry and Baloo:Dog And Cat Become Travel Besties And Take Adventures Together

 Henry and Baloo:Dog And Cat Become Travel Besties And Take Adventures Together

Traveling with friends is one of the greatest pleasures․ Having such a trip can certainly give an experience of a lifetime. Having your pet dog or cat will definitely give you an adventure that’s twice the fun!

Meet Henry and Baloo, an unlikely duo that makes their parents’ trips way more significant and amusing. The two inseparable companions obviously had to meet.  The lovely furry buddies have been travelling alongside their owners Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky for several years so far, and their adventurous trips are all fascinating and memorable.

Henry and Baloo’s mom Cynthia is a professional photographer, so she took wonderful photos of how they get along together perfectly.

They were on a search for a strong and energetic travel buddy, and Henry seemed like the perfect fit.

“Our story really began when we adopted Henry, formally known as Buttercup, when he was just 3.5 months old,” Cynthia shared on their website Our Wild Tails. “He convinced us to take him home within seconds, when he crawled into my lap going belly up right away. We took Henry on his very first hike that week and immediately he scaled the steepest rock to get a better view.”

“This was the mountain dog we had been dreaming of,” she continued. “Two and a half, adventure filled years later and Henry’s love for the outdoors only grew stronger.”

In 2017, the small family welcomed their new child Baloo. Cynthia was a little nervous about how Henry would welcome the new member, and it turned out there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They love each other more and more after each trip. The two always display an adorable amount of affection towards each other.

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