Gimo: An Adorable Kitten With Really Big Eyes

 Gimo: An Adorable Kitten With Really Big Eyes

This cute cat who lives in his SouthKorea home with two other feline family members will definitely melt your heart with just a look. Just take a look at them and try not to fall in love. You can not handle the cuteness of this cat with such gorgeous eyes.

The breed of cat is the Scottish Fold, which gets its name from its folded-over ears. He has over 160k followers on Instagram. It is not difficult to understand why this handsome boy made a sensation on Instagram.

This little fluffy ball of joy can do no wrong. Every time he gives his humans that pitiful look often coupled with a meerkat impression, no one in the family has the heart to say no, ever!

How would you feel seeing those big glowing eyes staring at you in the middle of the night?

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