Faithful Dog Refuses To Leave Fire Hydrant Where He Last Saw His Owner

 Faithful Dog Refuses To Leave Fire Hydrant Where He Last Saw His Owner

An abandoned dog named was found waiting for his owner by the same fire hydrant for days.  After unsuccessful attempts to catch her, neighbors called Hall to help rescue him. He was hopefully waiting for a return that would never happen.

When Hall arrived with her equipment and years of experience, Thunder was too frightened to accept help. “He wanted to trust so badly,” Hall said. “He wanted to get close to me, but he was just too scared.”

dog sitting next to a fire hydrant at night

A humane trap was set with snacks to lure him in, but Thunder was still unsure. “He would go over across the street and look, and then go back to the fire hydrant, I got in the car and drove away to make him think I was gone, and when I got back he was trapped. The hotdogs have done their duty “.- Hall said.

Thunder, however, never stopped wanting to go back to that fire hydrant: “Evidently he remembered that little love he received in the family well – says Hall -. I think he didn’t want to leave in case they came back. ‘

white dog in a cage at night

white dog laying on a towel

“We called it Thunder because we had the worst storm after I left. It was really scary »says the woman referring to the fact that the rescue of the dog took place just in time: the neighborhood where he was found a few minutes later was hit by a strong storm, hail and torrential rain.”-the woman said.

Thunder is getting veterinary care for her needs from the Logan’s Legacy rescues. Soon he will be ready for adoption and will get a new family that will give him unconditional love.

white dog with black harness being held

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