Duck Runs NYC Marathon And Charms Onlookers

 Duck Runs NYC Marathon And Charms Onlookers

What determination, will, and strength!

A marathon was held in New York City. Different athletes went to the race. The distance was 42 km. A snow-white pet duck named Wrinkles accompanied the runners. The video with the charming flying sprinter went viral on the Internet. People are ready to give the bird all the medals they can. The runners were surprised when they saw a large white duck wearing special webbed shoes running with them. Well, she’s too adorable!

Wrinkles is a 2-year-old Pekin duck who was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Her owners take Wrinkles everywhere they go, from “California and New York, and everywhere in between,” according to her website.

Wrinkle is a real charm. He’s the funniest and coolest sportsman of the year.

Wrinkles the duck at the Boston Marathon

Wrinkles' marathon medal

Wrinkles the duck with her special marathon shoes

Since achieving that first runner’s high, Wrinkles has attended the Boston Marathon to cheer the runners on, and most recently she was back on the marathon circuit as a special guest at the Jovia Long Island Marathon Weekend. She even received her very own medal for participating!

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