Cute klee-kai – miniature huskies living in Alaska

 Cute klee-kai – miniature huskies living in Alaska

What the Huskies look like, everyone knows today. This breed has been breaking records of popularity around the world for several years in a row. But, it turns out that these northern dogs have younger brothers. Klee-Kai dogs are an exact duplicate of big huskies. They are just as smart, brave, playful, and stubborn.

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In translation from the Eskimo language Klee-kai means «small dog». These dogs were bred relatively recently in the 1970s and are still considered very rare and expensive. There are no more than 700 Klee-Kais in the world and most of them live in the United States and Canada. The queue for elite puppies is booked up for years in advance, and the price of the dogs is astounding.

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Linda Sperling of Wasilla, Alaska, is considered the creator of the breed. She bred these dogs by mixing Alaskan Huskies with Siberian, American Eskimo dogs. Sperlin is said to have broken the canons of breeding, trying to get the perfect breed. But her work was not in vain and the Klee-Kai turned out incredibly cute.

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It’s a companion breed made to bring joy to people. Even to see this miniature husky is great happiness.

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