Cat’s eyes look like GOOGLE and people can’t miss it.

 Cat’s eyes look like GOOGLE and people can’t miss it.

A 5-year-old cat called Potato, from Arizona, always looks startled because of her bulging eyes, which she’s got from mother nature. When she was 3 years old, a girl named Ashley Norlien noticed her in an animal cage and couldn’t miss her. Like others, Ashley also likes to put her pet’s photos on social media. When she posts a picture, she gets huge unexpected attention from her audience. The user eventually created a separate page for the Potato.

There are almost 70.000 followers, who are interested in cats’ daily routines. From every side, she looks different. Occasionally, her eyes remind us of the look of Puss in Boots from the famous Shrek cartoon. Potato became a motivation and a source of positive energy for her fans. Even recently, one of the fans commented about her cat, who died recently, and now Potato’s existence helps him to deal with his anxiety.

However, the owner Ashley gets negative responses as well. Sometimes people think that the cat is not healthy, or she has tons of genetic problems. For this question, she does not have an answer. 

Potato is a usual cat with a unique glance. Like other cats, she likes cuddles, attention. Aisley says when they are walking outside, it is impossible to not notice Potato because she gazes at everyone.


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