Cat Lulu brings slippers to her owners as an act of gratitude

 Cat Lulu brings slippers to her owners as an act of gratitude

This funny cat shows gratitude to her owner, who saved her life, by bringing the slippers. After this story you might want to have such pet as well. Lulu, the adorable cat, is so happy and glad to have finally found a loving home that she brings her human’s slippers every morning.

Lulu came to shelter in a terrible state. She looked considerably better after a few weeks, but no one wanted to adopt her due to her health issues. She suffered renal illness and ingrown nails as a result of being in a confined cage for so long. She couldn’t even leap.  Despite this,  she was fortunate enough to have a sweet home and lovely owner named Kayla.

They had no idea that they would be pleasantly delighted so quickly.
The kind mom and her lovely family took good care of the new addition to their family.

They delighted in feeding her and lavished their love and care on her. Lulu looked much better after a short period.

When the caring adoptive parent was going to leave the house one morning, she observed her wonderful pet bringing her slippers.

It was a heartfelt gesture, most likely an expression of gratitude for saving her life in this way.

It became a habit for the lovely animal after that.

Please have a look at the video below to see the cute cat’s thank-you gesture!

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