Brazilian Model Recently Married Herself in the Name of “Self-Love”

 Brazilian Model Recently Married Herself in the Name of “Self-Love”

Cris Galera, a luxury lingerie model, recently married herself in São Paulo in the name of “self-love.”
For the solo ceremony, Galera wore a white dress with a “killer neckline” that accentuated her best features. She even threw a bridal bouquet.

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While talking about her marriage, the Brazilian model said, “I was happy while it lasted,” and added, “I started to believe in love the moment I met someone else special,” the Mirror reported. Further, Cris remarked in September when asked about marrying herself, “I reached a point where I matured, I realized that I am a strong and determined woman. I was always afraid of being alone, but I realized that I needed to learn to feel good about myself. When that happened, I decided to celebrate it.”

The New York Post points out that the woman revived a trend called sologamy, in which singles marry for themselves and claim that they don’t need a partner to find happiness.

Brazilian lingerie model marries herself for 'self-love'

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“Men have difficulty being faithful or staying with just one woman. They want several [women] at the same time.” she said. “I like to be a priority and I am my priority.”

Galara admitted that problems related to a previous relationship forced her to follow through on her recent wedding. She’s even going on a solo honeymoon.

“I will never divorce myself, but also if a new love appears, I will want to live the experience. I’ll put the person in second place, first it will always be me.” she added.

Brazilian model who married herself in September to get divorce after  meeting 'someone else' | Malay Mail

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