Boo, a lost cat that was discovered 13 years ago, knows her astonished owner.

 Boo, a lost cat that was discovered 13 years ago, knows her astonished owner.

Janet Adamowicz, a Harrogate resident, lost her beloved cat in 2005. Her heart was crushed because she adored her. The frantic lady began her search in every possible location. Her friends and kind neighbors also pitch in to assist her. The four-year-old cat, however, was nowhere to be seen.

Janet never gave up hope, and even after a year had passed since her abduction, she kept looking for her by covering missing posters in her hometown. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain.

To console herself, she had to hope that Boo had found a new home and, most importantly, that she was still alive.

Janet got another cat, Ollie, to fill in the gap in her heart left by Boo’s disappearance. After some time, Tessie, her second cat, was adopted in 2014.  She got an unusual call one day about a lost cat.

Janet assumed it was an oversight because her two cats were present. She couldn’t even imagine it was about her long-lost cat Boo, who had been gone for 13 years.

The discovered cat’s microchip was checked, and the system revealed that it was her lost pet Boo, the medical worker stated.

It was very incredible. The woman was astonished and raced to the veterinarian to see her cat. After all these years, Boo finally recognized her human.

Their reunion was quite moving. After a few moments, the cat began to embrace her adoring owner. They were both overjoyed.

She later heard that a woman saw the cat strolling through York streets, which is 40 miles distant from her village, and took her to the Wicstun vet, assuming it was a stray cat. But, thankfully, it was determined that it was Janet’s lost cat.

Despite her age, old Boo appeared to be quite powerful and in terrific form.

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