Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl After Hearing Her Screaming For Help

 Blind Dog Saves Drowning Girl After Hearing Her Screaming For Help

This is an amazing story of how a brave blind dog rescued human life demonstrating the courage and loyalty of all the dogs of the world. It’s an undeniable fact that they are man’s closest and best companions through centuries.

Meet Norman, a courageous yellow Labrador Retriever who saved the life of a girl named Lisa Nibbley from drowning in the deep ocean.

Norman was abandoned by his previous owners and then was taken to an animal shelter. Thankfully, a couple named Annette and Steve McDonalds rescued him from the shelter the day before he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Shortly after bringing home Norman, the couple noticed there was something wrong with his eyesight. They took him to the vet and found out that he had Retinal Atrophy, a genetic disease with no cure, which would then cause blindness. He has adapted well to his situation and is still ready to run and play like another dog of his age.


Then one day, as Norman was walking with his owner Annette on the beach, they saw the little girl Lisa Nibbley in the water crying for help. At that moment, this hero dog knew exactly what he had to do. Norman  suddenly bolted away from Annette, ran over 100 yards, jumped in the water, and swam toward the struggling girl.

“I knew he was my guardian angel,” Lisa said, “and someone had sent him to save me.”

“It really was a miracle how it all came together,” Annette recalled. “Maybe God does that to get your attention, and maybe to humble us a little.”

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