Because her pet toucan suffers from acute separation anxiety, the woman hasn’t taken a holiday in two years.

To save a little and ill toucan, Janelle Tsao carried it home with her.

Touki, the bird, turned out to be a very fickle creature. When an exotic bird is left alone and no one is nearby, it suffers. As a result, when Janelle needs to leave the house, she asks her friend to look after the bird.

The woman hasn’t taken a vacation in over two years. If Touki is left alone, he begins to wail loudly until someone returns to his side. “Touki is a youngster who can fly. He is attractive and joyful, and he is always interested in new things, so he can climb almost anyplace. I sliced up some tomatoes that he shouldn’t eat and put them in a dish with a tight lid the other day. Touki flew to the table, swiftly raised the lid and snatched the tomato, then flew up to the second level and consumed it before I could get up,” Janelle remembered.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to care for a toucan. His diet, for example, consists only of fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries, which is costly. He also goes to the bathroom whenever he wants, and he does so every ten minutes.

“My heart absolutely melted when I saw him.” Sitting in a cage, he was so quiet and shy. It’s because he’s been hurt. “I made a pledge right away that I would do everything I could to love and care for him,” Janelle recalled.

Touki is already too accustomed to people to be kept at home with such an unusual bird. This will make it impossible for him to return to the wild securely.

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