An adult elephant has scaled a 5-foot wall to collect mangoes from the safari resort.

 An adult elephant has scaled a 5-foot wall to collect mangoes from the safari resort.

South Luangwa is one of South Africa’s biggest parks.

Its uniqueness is that animals of all sizes, including elephants, feel extremely at ease here.

They frequently approach people’s houses, for example Andy Hogg’s. A giant mango tree grows near his home, and a family of elephants visits it every year throughout the ripening season (October to December).

They follow the same path to the tree, so they don’t catch the owner off guard.

However, Andy Hogg was recently visited by an unexpected elephant who chose an unorthodox route to the tree. When a large animal began to climb over a high fence, it caught the attention of the cameras.

He appeared to be eager to go to the mango tree and sample the tasty fruit. It’s safe to infer that the animal didn’t know any other options and picked the quickest route.

The elephant did everything slowly and meticulously, which impressed the owner and Ian Salisbury, the general manager of South Luangwa. He was presumably hungry, given that he had embarked on such an excursion. And no one got in the way of his path — the visitors who happened to be passing through at the time were on a tour.

When the elephant finally arrived at the tree, he saw that it was devoid of fruit — the season was passed, and the remaining mangoes had been devoured by his cousins. He nibbled on the grass while stretching and gazing about, then returned the same way, unsatisfied. The elephant cautiously scaled the fence once more, this time without destroying anything or frightening anyone.

It appeared to Salisbury to be pretty amusing: the clumsy male soared fairly high, which is unusual for such enormous creatures.

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