An Adorable Dog Interrupted Live News Broadcast

 An Adorable Dog Interrupted Live News Broadcast

During live broadcasts, anything can happen. It is at such moments that presenters are tested for their professionalism.

During a newscast on Mir24 TV last week, anchor Linarte was suddenly faced with an adorable interruption by a bark in the midst of a news report. Obviously startled, she turned around, she saw her canine guest. “I’ve got a dog here,” she said. “What is this dog doing in the studio?”

When a dog burst into the studio – the presenter was clearly not prepared for this. She tried to act calmly. He jumped up next to Linarte, climbs onto her desk and then wins her over to get a friendly petting.  However, she was a little nervous, and the dog just wanted to be the host too. Woof!

Now that footage is floating around the web to make each of our day better than ever. To be precise it has made the day of over 3 million viewers by now.

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