Albert Pyun, the First Director of “Captain America”, Passed Away

 Albert Pyun, the First Director of “Captain America”, Passed Away

The first director of “Captain America,” the most well-known movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Albert Pyun, has passed away. At the age of 69, Albert, who had been battling health issues for a while, has left this world.

Albert Pune, the first director of 'Captain America', passed away

Albert Pyun Dead: 'Nemesis,' 'Cyborg' Cult Filmmaker Was 69 - Variety

Several years ago he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and dementia. Cynthia Cumane, his wife, spoke about his condition. She recently reported that his health had deteriorated.
Pyun mostly worked on small-budget films that were released immediately on videotape. They are what brought the director his iconic status. The filmmaker collaborated with such stars as Jean-Claude van Damme, Christopher Lambert, and Burt Reynolds.
Among Pyun’s notable projects are Cyborg, Sword and Sorcerer, Nemesis, and 1990’s Captain America, the first full-length film adaptation of the Marvel comics about the superhero.

Legendary director Albert Pyun would like to hear from fans in his final  days

Curnan’s Facebook post can be found HERE. She said, “Albert took another downturn. I could tell he feared going down again. He was working too feverishly. I asked “What’s the rush?” He said “If I stop, that’s it.” … Please write a message to him for me to read. A personal message from you to him will make him really happy. They think he does not have much time left. Update: Albert wept happy and sad tears when listening to your messages for him. He feels terrible to have let you down. by failing to finish his last 2 movies. He wanted them to be a 6 part TV series. He worked and tried like a maniac; it was all that truly mattered to him. To Albert, failure has never been an option.“

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