A Wild Animal Found In A Pile Of Rags Needed Help

 A Wild Animal Found In A Pile Of Rags Needed Help

A resident of Australia accidentally encountered a wombat in her barn. The poor wild animal was frightened and needed help.

After finding a wombat in a pile of rags, the woman immediately contacted Wombat Rescue. The president of the organization, Yolandi Vermaak, came to the woman’s house to examine the animal.

Женщина обнаружила в куче тряпья дикого зверя, который нуждался в помощи

The wombat was sitting quietly, without fear of people and was looking at the guests with curiosity. The specialist suggested that during a heavy downpour the wombats’ burrows were flooded and they were looking for a dry and hidden place.

The woman who discovered the wombat happily agreed to shelter him for a couple of days until the burrows dried up. At this point the women discovered the Australian woman’s shaggy guest had scabies and began treating him. When he was cured, he went free!


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