A unicorn dog is a sensation for everyone.

 A unicorn dog is a sensation for everyone.

Rae, the Golden Retriever, was heavily damaged at the moment of her birth. As a result, the dog was left with only one ear and came to look like a unicorn.

Rae’s mother bit his one ear when he was born by mistake. The puppy was taken to the nearest veterinary hospital and left there right away. Although he had lost one ear, the puppy was any way in superb health.

Brianna Voorhees, a veterinary clinic employee, decided to take the baby home with her. A lady just lost her beloved dog Loki, who had cancer. She had a strong relationship with the small golden retriever. At home, Brianna continuously looked for Rae, feeding him from a bottle many times a day, checking his health, and putting him to bed like a toddler.

As the puppy’s condition improved, it became obvious that the single ear had relocated to the top of his head. The specialists, on the other hand, did not explain why this occurred. Rae has been nicknamed “unicorn” since then.

“Everyone is astonished by how one ear functions. Because it’s still a long way from where the canal used to be. We have no idea how to respond to this topic. “We simply know it works,” Brianna explained. There’s no necessity to medicate Rae’s horn because he listens to his name and easy directions. The dog’s ear, according to experts, hears fine and does not affect him at all.

Rae became a social media sensation as a result of this story. The dog’s Instagram profile has more than 221.000 subscribers. They’re all witnessing the wonderful existence of the one doggo.

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