A long-earned bunny attracted the whole social media.

 A long-earned bunny attracted the whole social media.

The bunny called Wally is a well-known Instagram star. All this came due to her ears and look like butterfly wing, and also her excessive hairstyle.

Wally was born in 2014,  in Massachusetts. One day bunny’s owner decided to take some pictures and post in social media. Out of sudden, the pic went viral and liked by thousands of people. Wally got numerous comments and shares.

Andorra rabbits look like fluffy toys because their fur is dense and soft. They are considered to be an ancient breed. These creatures were bred for their high quality fleece. This bred arise in Turkey and named after the capital of a country which was called Angora in the past. There are 5 types of breed and Wally belongs to English Angora rabbit’s group.

If anyone of you decide to keep this type of bunny, you should take into consideration the care of their fur. If you look after her attentively, they will live up to 7 years, which is great for a bunny.

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