A homeless guy cries tears after a happy reunion with his missing Labrador.

 A homeless guy cries tears after a happy reunion with his missing Labrador.

Jimmy Nicholos was left with only his pet dog, Boots. Jimmy has been on the streets for a long time.

Dogs are often considered the sole and best pals of persons who live on the streets. That was the case with Jimmy and Boots. However, the dog vanished one day.

Jimmy works at the Start Rescue thrift store in California despite the fact that he does not have a house. A woman came into the business on New Year’s Eve and volunteered to take Boots to have his hair trimmed.

Jimmy was glad to let her take his dog for a bath because she had previously assisted in the upkeep of the Labrador. After that, Boots vanished.

The woman said that she went for a stroll in the park with her dog, and the dog bolted. Jimmy didn’t have an option except to call the cops.

The dog’s return was offered with a $10,000 prize. Caring individuals, as well as the proprietors of the business where the guy worked, contributed to the funds.

They even enlisted the help of a private investigator to track down the Labrador. “To me, he was everything. Jimmy lamented, “He was my child.” Jimmy was interviewed by a local television station shortly after the dog vanished to discuss his anguish.

The editorial office received a call a few minutes after the episode aired. “I have your dog,” the guy stated. The best pals got together at the local police station. For a long time, Jimmy couldn’t believe his dog would be there, yet there he was, alive and well.

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