A funny baby hippo trying to get rid of the bothering birds

 A funny baby hippo trying to get rid of the bothering birds

The little hippo was afraid of the tiny birds. He was trying to escape from them, which is really a funny scene. Wildlife photographer Mark Mol took the images of a baby hippo seemingly under siege from a flock of birds.

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Mark Mol said: “I had a real laugh when I realized that I had captured something a little different and yet very amusing. I love the expression on this little guy’s face as he frantically tries to fend off what he sees as annoying pests.”

The little animal was really funny when he was attempting to rid them off his back by twisting and shaking. As he got helpless and desperate, he went to the water to get rid of the birds.

Photographer Captures Baby Hippo Getting Spooked by Birds | PetaPixel


These birds, called oxpeckers, are frequently seen on the backs of cows, bison, and even rhinos. It seems, aside from a baby hippo, most animals don’t mind a bird or two on their back or head.
In fact, oxpeckers and hippos usually have a mutually beneficial relationship where the birds help free hippos of ticks and other parasites by feeding on them.

A baby hippo runs from birds - Irish Mirror Online

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