A cloud shaped like a dog is conclusive evidence that all dogs go to paradise.

 A cloud shaped like a dog is conclusive evidence that all dogs go to paradise.

Have you ever attempted to observe the clouds by looking up at the sky? This is characteristic of romantics and children. Few of us spend time looking up at the sky, although the formations of the clouds may be breathtaking at times, resembling the silhouettes of people or animals.

One snapshot of a cloud that looks so much like a dog went popular on the internet almost immediately. The shot was captured during sunset. At that time sun gently dropped below the horizon on a palm-lined boulevard in a tropical seaside town at sunset. A dog lounging in the clouds appeared in the sky as reds and golds flooded the sky.

When we lose someone we love, we typically feel they have crossed over into another realm. We can only hope that they are now angels, watching over those they left behind on this planet. Dogs, on the other hand, become their masters’ guardian angels.

After all, our pets are members of our family. Why shouldn’t our pet family members go to heaven if we think our human family members do?

Anyone who has had an emotional connection with a dog will tell you that canines, like people, have a soul. When we lose our beloved “shaggy children,” the knowledge that their spirits will continue on in the hereafter and that we shall meet again someday might provide us peace.

So, if a cloud in the shape of a dog emerges in the sky, we can assume that a dog angel has arrived. Surprisingly, all of the “dogs” in the sky are distinct from one another. Many dog owners claim to have seen their own pet.

Clouds in the shape of dogs are frequently seen on the internet. Many people feel that these are signals from dogs expressing their happiness. It’s for this reason why it’s so simple to assume that all dogs go to paradise.


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