4 Years Ago This Girl Weighed 140 kg and You Just Wouldn’t Recognize Her in the Old Photos

 4 Years Ago This Girl Weighed 140 kg and You Just Wouldn’t Recognize Her in the Old Photos

Laura Miketic jokingly calls herself the “Iron Giant” since she carried a 140-pound carcass on the ground. It is extremely distressing, in the midst of youth, to realize that the rest of your life will be subordinated to illness and problems associated with being overweight. Laura saw only one alternative to losing weight: the surgeon’s scalpel. If she had had self-control, it wouldn’t have come to this, but she still managed to force herself to go to the gym.

Laura had 140 kilograms of weight, zero self-esteem, and no idea what to do. But the health problems were so real and terrible that she had no choice. When Laura seriously decided to “cut off the excess,” the doctor told her to go to the gym. It wasn’t that easy and she needed to prepare her body.

It should be noted that Miketich had never considered herself fat, had never exercised, and was a total zero in all these matters.
When she came to the gym and was told what to hold on to, it turned out to be not difficult at all. On the contrary, the second time Laura was eager to go, and on the third time, she almost ran to the gym! The sensations she experienced as her body struggled with the heavyweights gave her unspeakable pleasure. The barbell became the girl’s best friend!

She began to understand how to train, how to plan her day, how to plan her life in general. Healthy nutrition? It turned out to be quite simple and Laura did not go on strict diets, she just eliminated the most unhealthy things from her diet.
But what impressed the girl most of all was that her body was changing on its own, for the better, without any distortions. There were no folds, no sagging skin, muscle replaced fat and she was becoming more beautiful.

In the first year, she lost 50 pounds and forgot about the sores. But then she wanted more and kept working out!
This led to some problems – Laura had exhausted her reserves, she had reached the limit of the amateur level, and it is not easy at all to work at the pro level. And when the weight dropped even more, she ended up in the hospital – she had to cut off some extra skin. Now that she’s recovered, she continues to work out, but not as fanatically. During her weight loss, Laura has gained many followers and it would be rude to leave them out!

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